Some time ago, long before ‘sustainability’ was even a consideration when choosing a textile or a coffee or a wine, we started our small business for passion purposes. Today, Three Sheep and a Mill still has the passion and the goal of working closely with the community to deliver textiles designed to perform in any given environments, to adhere to strict budgets, and be distributed in the most efficient manner.

We are thankful for our friendships we have within the community. We are thankful that some of the finest hospitals, healthcare facilities, senior living facilities, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, airlines, and corporate offices buildings around the world have put faith in Three Sheep. We are thankful that our empowered employees are dedicated, motivated and responsible for the ‘bigger picture’. We are thankful to have a purpose in this enormous world.

While we believe that the textile world, the coffee world and the world of libations is vast, Three Sheep strives for UMAMI.

Thank you for reading us!