Act Guidelines

Association for Contract Textiles

Here at Three Sheep and a Mill, we test our fabrics according to strict voluntary performance guidelines set forth by the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT). This information can be found on each products’ specification sheet and a profile of each category may be found at
ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines cover woven, coated and knit fabrics for indoor use:
  • “Woven Fabrics” consist of two sets of yarns, warp and filling, formed by weaving, which is the process of interlacing these sets of yarns.
  • “Coated Fabrics” typically include a fabric or similar substrate with one or more layers of a film-forming polymer such as vinyl or polyurethane on the wear surface of the fabric.
  • “Knit Fabrics” are made by interlocking loops of one or more yarns.
Test methods included in the Guidelines measure fabric performance under standard laboratory conditions and are intended to represent the most current test version. Note: Individual ACT Member product information may represent a different version of a test method depending on the date the product was introduced to market.
These tests represent minimum requirements, which are subject to change without notice and may not reflect requirements or laws in all locations.