Editions DC

CRU Collection

It is no secret that we are lovers of all things quality and have a particular penchant for exceptional wine. In la France, the motherland of great wine, a Cru classification designates superior quality and distinction - something that is shared with every single fabric in this special collection. The new Cru Collection contains some of the most unique patterns and colors, many of which have elevated performance features and varied applications.


Just go. Go Back. Back to the basics. We can’t uninstall 2020 just because it has a virus, but we can Reboot and we can look to a brighter, cleaner and more functional future. The new Reboot collection is just what we need at this very moment in time - a COVID compliant collection of vinyl fabrics that have the exact cleanability and disentfectability performance standards recommended by the CDC.

What is it?

Check out the new “What is it?” collection from Three Sheep and a Mill. That’s right - we were so blown away by these new high-tech textiles that we didn’t dare box them in. Combining the beauty and textural depth of a true woven with the performance and safety of a coated fabric, the textiles in the “What is it?” collection are totally unique and extraordinarily versatile.

DESTINY (refreshed)

Now more than ever, home is where the heart is. Maybe the destiny of good design is to find that sense of home, and nowhere do we find it more than in the neutral palette. At very least, we had a major aha moment when we pulled together this collection of beautiful, multi-tonal and multi-dimensional woven neutrals with the superior performance of Alta™. The Destiny 2020 collection brings comfort and peace of mind with great design and ample USA inventory.


Best laid plans, best kept secrets, and the straw that broke the camel’s back. These are a few of our favorite things. As we know, the design process often starts and stops and starts again only to go around once more and maybe get half gutted or completely scrapped along the way. But we are always learning. From our idols, our colleagues, our mentors, our friends. The secrets they share with us keep us going and encourage us to share our own knowledge as we forge ahead. It is this inspiration that has brought us to one of the most dynamic collections we have ever offered. The Secrets 2020 collection is a fervently eclectic collection of many of our favorite woven fabrics that have been curated along the way on this journey.

Iron Covered Rose

The dichotomies of design: old and new, cold and warm, structured and freeform. We’ve always held that the most beautiful spaces have a good balance of these elements with high functionality and elevating beauty. And this was the inspiration for Iron Covered Rose - a collection of upholstery and drapery fabric with varied textural dimension and gorgeous color that meets necessary performance standards. From rainbow crosshatch tweed to winter white boucle, the durable textiles in the Iron Covered Rose Collection meet high abrasion and flammability standards and ample available inventory.


Robust collection of value driven woven textiles in solid textures.
The old astrologers named both fixed stars and those that wandered. The glowy cast of light that brings out a spectrum of color in a unique nighttime haze was the truest inspiration for the robust assemblage of woven fabrics in the Starlight Collection. Entirely composed of solid textured wovens, the textiles in the Starlight collection are versatile, resistant to stain and soil, and value driven.


We are loving the movement behind all of the vegan leathers that are out there today in the fashion world. A more sustainable choice to genuine leather, these textiles create warmth and dimension in interior spaces that can offer a masculine balance to softer and lighter elements. For the Sustain collection, we have pulled together some of our favorite animal-free fabrics with sheens that vary from light absorbing matte to glossier finishes and hands that range from soft and crackled to more structured and monotone.