What we make in Napa, CA

de la vigne:

    • ANNIA:  a Napa blend of Ribolla Gialla, Tocai Friulano and of course, Chardonnay

    • GEMINA:  a Napa blend of Pinot Grigio and Greco

    • HYDE:  One-hundred Percent Chardonnay from Hyde Vineyard Napa

    SAUVIGNON:  Sauvignon Blanc bottled with 100% and 100% Intensity


Terroir?  We all know terroir but put to the test, mother earth expresses her nuance.  GASPARE is our Italian produced white wine.

Aromatized & Fortified:

Il Vermouth de Friulano.  A dry white and now a sweet red (2017)

America’s Classic Ballpark Drink:

Birra Bianca, a belgian witbier made in Charleston, South Carolina


inspired by the original italian vermouth made in piemonte by the cinzano family in the eighteenth
century il vermouth di friulano began as a dry white wine made from old vine tocai friulano that typically finds its home in our annia blend. after that we fortify the wine with a proprietary maceration of aromatic herbs and spices some of those ingredients include indian coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and quassia wood which has been used for centuries as a digestive agent to make vermouth. our white wine is aged in barrels for six months before the maceration is added to the wine. the mixture is aged an additional six months in those same barriques. the wine has a small percentage of residual sugar to help soften the bitterness and high alcohol. and to weave the fortified flavors together il vermouth di friulano is bottled before harvest and is a classic aperitivo served chilled but best il vermouth di friulano served blended with other spirits before dinner. after opening the wine deserves to be stored in a cool dry place or in your refrigerator to preserve its longevity.

il vermouth di friulano
dry white, aromatized and fortified wine
vintage: 2015
alcohol: 16% by volume

we couldn’t be happier to be collaborating with edward westbrook from westbrook brewing co. in mount pleasant south carolina. this brewery started in 2011 with the goal of making some of the most interestingly drinkable and generally awesome beer. the Westbrook philosophy and the beers are in the very same vein as massican as we try in earnest to make wine that delivers a lot of the same energy in the glass. one of the beers in the westbrook portfolio is modeled off a belgian witbier style it is an incredibly refreshing ale that is made with hints of citrus and spice. we talked to edward to see if his team would like to add a twist on their traditional white thai and age it in massican wine barrels and bottle it in seven hundred and fifty milliliter bottles and here we have it less than one hundred cases of this beer is made. enjoy.

Belgian Style Witbier
batch: #2 wheat ale brewed with spices
barrel aged: nine months
alcohol: 5% by volume

this is a wine about friends and family. without massimo there would be no trip to sicily. without george there would be no ribolla gialla in the united states without christian and serena there would be no inspiration for this wine. all my friends are my heroes and my motivation. annia is named after my american mother and our first italian wine vintage is named after massimo’s father GASPARE. without massimo there would be no massican he gave the support to make this dream a reality a million thanks to friends and family we could not have done it without you.

friuli colli orentali white wine
vintage: 2016
grapes: tocai friulano – 43%, ribolla gialla – 29%, chardonnay – 28%
alcohol: 13.5% by volume

the vines that produce the sauvignon blanc for our wine were originally planted in 1993 for the robert mondavi winery and their napa valley fume blanc. we were excited to work with this fruit in our first vintage, but had no intention of making a 100% sauvignon blanc; the original goal was to blend a little into annia to support the tocai and ribolla. however, the blend didn’t work, the sauvignon was too intense for the subtle, floral notes of the annia. we were a bit disappointed at the time but we needed to let the wines be themselves, and since this sauvignon has become one of the stars of the line-up year in and year out. last year we extended our contract with the vineyard, not only for the next couple of years, but for a couple of more acres. this is the most wine we have ever bottled under the sauvignon label.

napa valley sauvignon blanc
vintage: 2016
grapes: sauvignon blanc – 100%
alcohol: 13.8% by volume

we harvested our hyde vineyards chardonnay on two separate occasions in the 2016 growing season. there was an early august pick with the intention of these grapes being blended into annia to provide the wine with a hint of freshness and structure. the second harvest happened a bit later than expected due to the weather in carneros being moderate to slightly below average temps. as for the wine itself, this is an atypical hyde vineyards chardonnay that lands on the lighter, brighter side of vineyard’s potential of making some of the greatest chardonnays in california. next year we plan on putting a toe in the water, testing a little of the crop on the riper and richer side of hyde; so hang on for the ride but in the short term give this bottling a little time to settle into itself and start drinking in the fall of 2017.

hyde vineyards chardonnay
vintage: 2016
grapes: chardonnay – 100%
alcohol: 13.0% by volume

there is very little greco grown in california, and mother nature has not been kind to it. this is the second year in a row that greco produced less than two tons per acre. we are working with our growers to consider finding a new home to plant more grapes, but it is difficult to convince them at these yields. unlike ribolla gialla, a grape that when you blend less than 50% of your wine with it, it falls in the shadows; greco, on the other hand, is so intense that even at 21% in the final blend it dominates the palate with a screeching amount of orange blossom, salinity and sea rocks. although, pinot grigio and greco may seem like strange bedfellows, together they are an inspired blend and we try not to love this wine very much because there is very little of it produced.

california white wine
vintage: 2016
grapes: pinot grigio – 79%, greco – 21%
alcohol: 12.5% by volume

this is only the second vintage of annia that ribolla gialla takes the lead in the blend, 2012 being the other. there is a story that george vare liked to tell us about ribolla, according to the late, great stanko radikon, ribolla is the consummate supporting actor when blended into a wine under the 50% threshold. at that minority level, the grape will truly morph into the background, providing the floors, the walls and the ceiling for the other grapes to adorn. in our 2016 annia, the 60% of ribolla in the wine is flattering; stone fruit and baked apple with green almond on the palate that plays off the tocai’s citrus blossom and pear skin. the 9% of hyde chardonnay in the blend tightens the wine a bit, but in reality it just steps aside and gives the two friulian varieties a stage to play on; however, expect the chardonnay to get involved as the wine ages.

napa valley white wine
vintage: 2016
grapes: ribolla gialla – 60%, tocai friulano – 31%, chardonnay – 9%
alcohol: 12.8% by volume

So here’s the story…in the world of textiles, borders do not exist.  In the post Al Capone world, borders are limited to State lines (Frankly, we don’t know when we can sell across state lines, borders, etc.).

However, we love our wines, beers and spirits….drop us a note with your geographic location and we’ll let you know where to find some (either at a restaurant or a shoppe)….heck, if you drop us a note, we’ll zip you a bottle gratis with your memo requests.

You know where to find us….but where to find you is the question???