ReBoot Collection

Just go. Go Back. Back to the basics. We can’t uninstall 2020 just because it has a virus, but we can Reboot and we can look to a brighter, cleaner and more functional future. The new Reboot collection is just what we need at this very moment in time – a COVID compliant collection of vinyl fabrics that have the exact cleanability and disentfectability performance standards recommended by the CDC.


Disinfectable with Bleach

With a ratio of 10:1, the ReBoot collection can hit with bleach or any of the other 22 approved healthcare cleaners.  This includes but not limited to Hydrogen Peroxide, Isopropyl Alcohol (70%), Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Formula 409, etc.

8 Natural Grains & Textures

Sticking with natural looks and feels including a linen, the ReBoot collection offers 110 pattern-color combinations that neatly fit in one bin for your library or home.

Priced Right at $19.95 for cut yardage

Cut yardage starts at $19.95, bolts of 30 yards at $18.95 and volume pricing as low as $10.95, the online ‘Get a Quote’ provides an immediately available sharable PDF along with the specification guide.

Quickship from High Stock Levels

High par levels of stock in our U.S.A. warehouse makes quick shipping a breeze.  Committed to a 48 hour or less ship time, most ship within 24 hours.  LTL freight, 3rd party pickups or common carrier is all the same to Three Sheep.

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Back to the Basics with ReBoot

Three Sheep and a Mill

One Bin - One Source

110 Natural looking grains and textures fit in one bin for ease of pull as well as compact storage. Order your bin directly or ask your representative. *Now available, order a bin, pull the likables & ship back the bin with our return label.


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